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My Wish as a Star Wars and Indiana Jones fan. George Lucas please stop destroying Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Anyone else feel the same way?
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25-Feb-2010, 2:41 PM

And talking about American Graffiti, has anybody here seen the bloody awful sequel? One of the good things about the original is it ended with this simple statement of tragedy, the deaths of Milner and Toad. That ending added a lot of depth to the film, which was sorely needed. The sequel turns Toad's missing-in-action into a silly joke, treats the Vietnam war as one big laugh, and turns Milner into a date-rape-type groper so you end up not giving a damn that he's killed. Meanwhile, the two characters who are republicans have to turn into sixties anti-police demonstrators, because while being a groper seems to be forgivable in the film's eyes, beng a republican is just not acceptable. Cliched politics abound and the film's idea of humor lacks anything resembling intelligence. Harrison Ford is good in his tiny cameo but they didn't even do the decent thing and credit him. Lucas didn't direct or write this travesty, so I guess he can't be blamed for everything. Or maybe he can, because he edited the screenplay and the film and let all the bullshit pass. I guess it's the first case of Lucas going back and screwing up his stories. But American Graffiti was never so good in the first place, so I guess this time it was no great tragedy, though the sequel makes the orignal look good by comparison. The sequel really makes a laughing stock of the story.