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My Wish as a Star Wars and Indiana Jones fan. George Lucas please stop destroying Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Anyone else feel the same way?
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25-Feb-2010, 4:19 AM

Knightmessenger said:

As long as he puts out the original versions of the trilogy as well as THX 1138 (and maybe even Indiana Jones [wires erased] & Grafitti [opening shot]), I'm fine. I don't think he'd destroying Star Wars by introducing new stuff, it doesn't (have to) mean the previous stuff cannot coexist.

I think it's disgusting how he's insisted on fucking over Graffiti and THX too, but I don't care all that much about those films. I find them overrated. The only film Lucas directed that I actuallly care about is Star Wars. Other than that, the ones I care about that he's involved in weren't directed by him. I don't have a big attachment to Lucas as a director.

I don't get the big fuss about Graffiti. It has its good points (Dreyfuss's performance and Milner's interaction with the kid in his car in particular) but it's a rather limited film and painfully over-sweetened, and at least three of the major characters are annoying most of the time. And that fake sky he stuffed in in the dvd looks so damn fake. It just does not look like it belongs in the picture. Which of course it doesn't. Why the FUCK did it need a new sky? What was so wrong with the old sky? Did he do it just so he could say "I fucked with all my films"?

Indiana Jones got more than just wires erased. There's that cgi shot added to Raiders. I wish he'd just leave it the fuck alone.