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RedLetterMedia's Revenge of Nadine [TPM 108 pg Resp. [RotS Review+RotS Preview+ST'09 Reveiw+Next Review Teaser+2002 Interview+AotC OutTakes+Noooooo! Doc.+SW Examiner Rebuttal+AotC Review+TPM Review]
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25-Feb-2010, 4:00 AM

Akwat Kbrana said:

Wow, what a crazy thread this has turned out to be! Apparently herd mentality, like the intricate subtleties of face shapes, is something that only VINH is capable of detecting.

You're beginning to sound really dumb constantly following me around sniping at me. Get a life already.

TheBoost said:

Wait a minute!!!!!

Every single person on this board likes "Star Wars!"

So does most everyone!

We're all sheeple! Sheeple!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!! WE ARE THE HERD!!!!

Agreeing with majority does not always mean one is herd-thinking. One can come to the same conclusions as the majority from an independent line of thinking. Among Star Wars fans this forum's members are less herdy than most, defying the Obligatory views of orthodox Star Wars fandom.