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Help: looking for... anyone still on alive on here? dying to get ahold of these workprints
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17-Feb-2010, 6:21 AM
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17-Feb-2010, 6:22 AM
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ReverendBeastly said:

Are you buying this stuff from Asylum? Don't do that. If there's something he has that I don't, I can probably trade him something to get it. Paying for bootlegs is dumb. I lag in my email responses sometimes, but if you're not a dumbass or a jerk, I'll help you out.

well,i must confess that i do...the reason is simple,i dont have anything to trade (well now that i'm bying i'm starting to have a small,very small list) and i'm in France, so nobody wants to deal with me ....

the good news is that i'm not a dumbass or a jerk !

but i would recommend exteme caution with asylum,an exemple ?

as a star trek fan i've ordered the workprint of "generetions" wich is well know to be in rought quality but i didnt expect to receive a 2giga file on a dvd!

for a 2h22min movie ! you can imagine how bad was the compression,looks like a god damn divx (wich is availble for free...)

but with this one i took the tv cut of "needful things" (loved the book and with an hour of extra footage the movie should be closer to the book) but what did i get ? a dvd5....for a  3hours movie ! again,it looks like a divx.

so i never even watch any of them,and i'm only buying movies under 2hours but still,it kills me to pay 12$ for a workprint but i 'm like our friend Sabnock fascinated with the differences betwen a  "work in progress" and the final release.