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RedLetterMedia's Revenge of Nadine [TPM 108 pg Resp. [RotS Review+RotS Preview+ST'09 Reveiw+Next Review Teaser+2002 Interview+AotC OutTakes+Noooooo! Doc.+SW Examiner Rebuttal+AotC Review+TPM Review]
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9-Feb-2010, 8:05 PM

To Zombie84: I am done with this discussion. I respect you because of the great work you have done in the area of Star Wars study, writing that book, etc. But I do feel you crossed the line with calling me an idiot. I am aware people could take offense at my vew attributing WOK popularity to herd-thinking, but I made it clear that the view was not offered as an insult to anybody. It was necessary to state that view to explain my view in general. Whereas I think calling me an idiot was totally unecessary and done solely for offense. I fear that this discussion could get less pleasant if it continues. I rather expect to be called an idiot again if it continues. I don't enjoy being called an idiot. So that doesn't incline me to continue the discussion. Also, we clearly have drastically opposed views on art and you are very confident in yours. It would take some work for me to satisfactorily explain my own views and it's much easier just to put an end to the discussion. Thank you for your good work on Star Wars.