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The Original Vision Post Trilogy: Special Edition
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19-Jan-2010, 6:38 PM
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2-Feb-2010, 11:41 AM
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Now with 29% more Original Vision!

Do you ever say to yourself, "I wish I was more like George Lucas"? Now you can be!

In this thread, post something relative to the topic, as always. Of course, the technology isn't yet available with which to share your Original Vision for the post, so you will have to amend your posts, over and over, until your artistic statement is made. Until that creative nirvana is attained, everyone reading will have to be content with half-finished posts - I hope no one falls in love with them in that unfinished state.

SE Edit: Frink shoots first, as was always my intention. I was very rushed on that day of the posting schedule.

Remember, posts on a message board aren't truly completed, they are only abandoned.

SE Edit: And at the far end of the bar sits a lizard with a rasta hat.

SE Commentary - VFP: I am, to be honest, embarrassed with the half-finished state of the original post. The technology unavailable to me yesterday has now advanced to the point where I could insert the lizard; that was some fine work done by the boys at VFPLM in fleshing out my Original Vision.

SE Commentary - VFP's Rick McCallum: Wow, VFP, that was a brilliant insert of that lizard. Tears are in my eyes - real tears.

SE Edit: Alec Guiness footage digitally replaced with Ewan McGregor screen test from Velvet Goldmine.

SE Commentary - VFP: I am very concerned about's heritage, and I am very concerned that the posts that I read when I was young and the posts that I read throughout my time here at are preserved, so that my children can read them. Unless the original posters want to change them, because it' know. I hope to God they can read them, children are our most valuable resource and everything, but screw the stupid kids if the original posters want the posts changed.

SE Commentary - VFP's Rick McCallum: Absolutely, VFP. And may I say A New Post has never been more brilliant, more lucid, more vibrant than it is right now.

SE Commentary - VFP: This is the kind of no-bull straight-shooting I hired you for, VFP's Rick.

SE Edit: All droid footage replaced with CGI droids on bluescreen with CGI Antonio Daniels and CGI Kenny Baker. CGI!

SE Commentary - VFP: I understand that there is an angry minority on the internet - - who resent the fact that I refined my Original Vision. What these people forget is that ANP:SE was always supposed to be for children. Really, this child-phobic group is taking all the fun out of ANP, which is a shame.

SE Commentary - VFP's Rick McCallum: VFP, they're not the only group unhappy with you; on, one of the long-standing members there started a thread called: "A New Post - Meh?"

SE Commentary - VFP: Don't forget, VFP's Rick - ANP was set during a time when posters were older, slower, and couldn't flame each other the way they had during the glory days. A New Post portrays this accurately, as was always my intention.

SE Edit: Han Solo's "Yahoo!" replaced with the Emperor's scream from ROTP.

SE Edit: Everything in existence digitally replaced with the concept of CGI.

SE Bonus Feature - Ask The Creator:

TV's Frink asks: "Can't wait for The Post Strikes Back: Special Edition!"

VFP: Well, that's not really a question, vision for VFP is that his father, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader were young Jedi together, having adventures, when Vader betrays and kills VFP's father. It's a very macro story, one that will take five more posts to tell.

Someone who looks like VFP's Rick McCallum with an enormous, obviously phony mustache asks: VFP, is it fair - is it accurate that you are known throughout the world as the Shakespeare, the Ghandi, the Abraham Lincoln, the Dalai Lama, the Mother Theresa of cinema?

VFP: Is it fair? That's not my call to make. I'll leave that question to the observers of tomorrow, those who make it their life's calling to pore over the annals of history. But is it accurate? Yes. Yes it is.