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Lord Grievous
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[REQUEST] Star Wars John Alvin DVD covers...
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8-Jan-2010, 8:23 AM
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8-Jan-2010, 8:26 AM
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Lord Grievous
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Would anyone be willing to make high resolution custom DVD covers based on the John Alvin poster art? The first copies of the Star Wars movies I ever had was the 1995 VHS box that used this artwork, and I always loved it above all other Star Wars posters.

I have some high quality scans of this artwork, but if you happen to have even better versions then feel free to use that. I would be eternally grateful if anyone could do this for me (and anyone else who wants them).

Here are some scaled down versions of the artwork and my VHS covers, if you feel up to the task please tell and I will post the higher resolution ones because they are 70 MB big!

Star Wars;

The Empire Strikes Back;

Return Of The Jedi;


If possible I would like them to be exact replicas of the VHS covers, NO custom layouts or alternative screencaps!

Don't worry about the Dutch text on the back of my VHS covers, I want it in English, just use whatever text the English covers had. The barcode and age certification logo don't have to be included, but if you do please make them a bit smaller. And the THX logo on the spine can stay but please get rid of the rainbow colours.

Like I said, these are only the scaled down versions, contact me for the high quality ones.

I'm sorry if this sounds nitpickish, but I really love those covers and I'd be very grateful if anyone with good photoshop skills would do this.

Thanks on advance,