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'Friday the 13th Part V - The Killer Is Jason Edition'
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30-Dec-2009, 5:04 AM
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8-Jan-2010, 2:35 AM
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'Friday the 13th Part V - A New Beginning

(The Terminally Traumatized Tommy Edition)'


The rough draft of this edit is already finished. Currently myself and my editing partner, Terminally12 (who together comprise the fledging staff of our jointly created online fan-editing production company "SubStream Studios") are up to our necks in post-production style editing tweaks and assorted minute sequence refinements.

The original motivating factor for this particular fan edit was to create a suitable companion piece to our rather ambitious and long-in-development 'Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter: Grusomely Grotesque Grindhouse Edition'.

We had initially planned on knocking this sucker out in a couple of nights, just for fun, almost like a bonus feature for the other edit. As so often happens with this type of project, the pixie-esque creative muses from beyond the realms of quantifiable time and space --- had their own unique take on things.

Before we even had any clue as to what, exactly, we had gotten ourselves into,  a little over a week into the initial "heavy editing phase", this whimsically planned little "one-off project" had somehow morphed into a full-blown mini-epic seemingly of it's own volition.

A mere days before we began this edit, we had nearly completed principal editing work on a unique "extended edition/true fan edit" of Don Coscarelli's 1979 exploitation masterpiece 'Phantasm'...Well, somehow or other, the dream-logic and nightmarish qualities so intrinsic to that particular cult classic have seemed to somehow bleed into and have virtually overtaken the mood and flow of this current edit. It's difficult to put into words what is happening with this project, to be perfectly honest. It certainly is unique, I'll give it that.


Here's a brief list of some of the changes we've made, but this list will in no way come even close to conveying the strange mood and eerie flavor of this edit, nor is it even close to a comprehensive list of all the countless trims & additions we've made to the film overall:

- The theatrical trailers for the first five films play out in quick succession as "coming attractions" before the film proper actually begins. These will be encoded to play out as part of the main feature, not as "extras", but we plan to map out the menu so that you can skip this section via "scene selection" for those who prefer to do so --- however this is not recommended, as you can't exactly skip the opening trailers at a grindhouse film festival showing at the Alamo Draft House, for example (unless you skipp off to the concessions or duck into the latrine).

- The gravediggers have been cut from the picture.

- The character of Roy the paramedic has been virtually cut from the picture save a brief appearance as an un-named, unimportant background character.

- Tommy has more hallucinations and nightmares.

- Jason himself is now the actual killer in the film.

- Many deaths and dramatic confrontations have been tightened for greater emotional impact and enhanced for more modern cinematic sensibilities

- Most of the campy dialogue has been trimmed to better facilitate a more serious tone and overall darker feel to the picture

- Virtually all camera shots in inwhich the killer's right eye is visible have been deleted, to better maintain continuity with Jason's previously sustained cranial damage as depicted in the fourth film

- many more twists, turns and surprises lie in store that we shan't give away at this time.


We have set a tentative online release date of January 10 before we unleash this beast of a fan-edit upon the unsuspecting public...