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RedLetterMedia's Revenge of Nadine [TPM 108 pg Resp. [RotS Review+RotS Preview+ST'09 Reveiw+Next Review Teaser+2002 Interview+AotC OutTakes+Noooooo! Doc.+SW Examiner Rebuttal+AotC Review+TPM Review]
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21-Dec-2009, 8:30 PM

I thought Redlettermedia was awesome.  He really hit home at about chapter 12.  At the time of the Ep1 release, I think many of us were on the wow its more Star Wars sensation.  But time really tells for the PT.  Everything RLM points out is obviously clear with each successive watch.

What I like to envision is that RLM IS GL, and that he had a mega-facepalm, got drunk and made this video :)