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Wookie Groomer's 1080p Star Wars Saga project (Released)
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20-Dec-2009, 2:47 PM

Chewtobacca said:

Back on topic, I can only find a BD-50 of ROTJ in the usual place: it's the one with the audio fix.  Was there no BD-25?

I've been trying to download it, but the download has stopped half the way through, and the files I have downloaded all seem to be incomplete.  I don't know if I will be able to recover this archive, even with PAR files. :-( 

No Wookie Groomer did not release a BD25 of Jedi.  From memory, Jedi was a little tricky to complete.  You may need to do a raw usenet search for Wookie Groomer - I believe that he posted up NZBs for his most recent versions...