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7-Dec-2009, 3:56 PM
rpvee said:

The top is the original...

The skin tones are hardly the most distracting aspect of the coloration of the upper image.  I hate to keep bringing up Pleasantville, but the walls in this shot appear to have been made out of some special substance that cancels out all color information in any light it reflects.  That would be a neat trick.  I doubt one could come close to reproducing this effect in the real world.

Here's an exercise:  I took the above image, blocked out the areas that contain color, and set the entire image to grayscale.  Which is the original full-color image, and which is the grayscale?

I hate to come off hyper-critical or in any way disrespectful, as I'm a great admirer of Ady's work in general, but this broke my heart when I finally got to see ANH:R for the first time.  As such, I'm understandably eager not to see the same thing happen to ESB:R.