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Why does the EU hate villains?
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9-Oct-2009, 3:54 PM
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I think it's a load of revisonist nonsense. In the OT, bad guys were bad guys and, yeah, Vader changed sides, but he was a special exception. There was none of this "the imperials have a valid point of view and they really just want order" and all that shit. All this Boba-Fett-is-a-great-guy-with-a-code-of-honor guff. The old EU (OOT era and the years following) had some bad guys who were a bit less bad, like an Alderaanian-born stormtrooper who helped Leia and a Nagai who befriends Leia and in the end the imperials and Nagai ally with the Alliance against the Toffs, but the empire isn't shown as this honorable bunch who just want to bring order to the galaxy while the rebels cause the deaths of civilians like you get in more recent EU. Boba Fett was bounty hunter scum, not the hero of his own stories. And they sure would never have put an imperial running the new Republic. Dark siders weren't ok people and when Luke got close with a dark side woman she was a double agent sent to get to him, not his future wife. Mara Jade was a good character, but I always did find it a bit odd how everybody was so fine and dandy about her having been the Emperor's agent. I think once Star Wars got into the 90s, the EU ran off a bit on its own way, and got more distant from the original spirit of Star Wars. I mean, when you have the rebels doing suicide attacks on civilians (actually happened in a Dark Horse comic) then you know something's wrong.