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5-Oct-2009, 1:31 PM

Well, since everyone is offering their version of how the Vader/Emperor conversation should go, here's my preferred version:

VADER: Yo master, what'choo need me do?

EMPEROR: Yo man I am buggin'!  Force be all disturbed and shit!

VADER: True dat.

EMPEROR: I don't know what up with this Skywalker muthafucka, but nigga be trippin'!

VADER: I heard dat.

EMPEROR: Nigga 'bout to be all up in our grill, fuckin' shit up old school!

VADER: Who, Skywalker?  Shee-it, shorty ain't no playa!  Even busted-ass Obi-Wan ain't got that nigga's back no more.

EMPEROR: Yo yo, don't even front.  Nigga got mad Force.  Boy gets hisself some Jedi skills and we ALL fucked.  Now get on that shit, muthafucka!

VADER: Word is bond, master.

Seems like a reasonable compromise to me.


*Disclaimer: The above is a satirical work meant to reference speech patterns used not by African-Americans, but by members of the white American subculture commonly known as "wiggers."  To any who may have been offended by my use of language... nigga please.