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Who is Ignoring You, and Who are You Ignoring? (was: Who is Ignoring You? (was: Hello all, I'm back!))
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4-Oct-2009, 8:25 PM
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20-Aug-2010, 8:51 AM
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Hello everyone,  I've returned.   A lot has changed since I was left here.   I thank Jay for lifting the ban against me.   I came back to visit will old friends.   I've been seeing a therapist for anger management and other problems.  I'm trying to change and become a better person.    I regret much of what happen here.  I don't say that I was completely in the wrong, just not completely in the right.   I believe it is time to move on from that stuff, so I've returned.  I hope I'm welcome here.


edit: the thread slowly evolved to to a different subject, so I have change the thread title. 

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edit: I've changed the thread title again, due to mod objection.