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Wookie Groomer
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Wookiegroomers 1080p Star Wars Saga
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30-Sep-2009, 11:30 PM

BD25 version of Clones is going up now. The BD50 version will take a little longer since I have to re-create the Across The Stars video for it.


Also, I have a new top secret Star Wars project I am in the planning stages for and I need the original 1977 mono mix as exact as it can possibly be to the original. I know the members on this forum are more in tune to the details of that sort of thing and I need someone to hook me up with it. Lossless if possible, the highest quality the better. Honestly, if it was a bootlegged recording off an old reel I would want to use that too. And no, this isn't an original theatrical restoration so don't freak out, it's something entirely unexpected that I hope will be a fun and interesting take on things. As the project evolves I may ask for other things down the road too.

Full credit will be given if the project sees the light of day.