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clone wars season II
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14-Sep-2009, 9:27 PM
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14-Sep-2009, 9:32 PM
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I will not be watching as i don't care for that Boba Fett clone Cad Bane with that bad accent, and i could give a shit less about bounty hunters, and they are making the entire premise of the second season about them, lame

I don't care about the clone troopers really either, stormtroopers have always been cannon fodder in the movies and non essential to the plot.  I do like the Jedi stuff, and i like Matt Lanters Anakin Character and his master student relationship with Ahsoka because it shows anakin as a more than 1 dimensional character we got in star wars episodes II and III.

I Liked the first season enough, i approved of maybe at least half of the episodes the other half were crap or mediocre.  I will be buying the dvd season 1 set.

Boba Fett would be still a child during this so he can't be in it, that is why they created a nonsensical character like Cad Bane who will probably meet his death at the end of a lightsaber blade, whether jedi or sith.

Can they just do away with the bad palpatine machinations already or at least downplay it, i mean they had him pulling the strings in all three prequel films and force unleashed.  It makes him into an unbelievable comic book level villain.