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Wookie Groomer's 1080p Star Wars Saga project (Released)
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10-Sep-2009, 4:37 AM

Firstly, I would like to say that Wookiegroomer is a legend for making the fan edits available in such great quality.

I obtained the first version of V and was entranced by how great it looked.  I noticed a sync issue but ignored it.  Subsequently I obtained IV and VI and also noticed issues.

It was quite costly in bandwidth and time obtaining IV, V and VI and I am very reluctant to toss them away and obtain the final re-issues unless it is the only way to obtain "perfect" copies.

Alternatively, would it be possible to obtain the correct audio delay and demux and remux the files that I have, to correct the sync issue?  Or, is the sync issue not one of a constant offset, but variable and therefore not amenable to simply applying a delay to the offending audio tracks?