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Wookie Groomer's 1080p Star Wars Saga project (Released)
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25-Aug-2009, 2:48 PM
pnag said:

Thank Gawd (& Wookie Groomer!) for PAR files - Easynews had posted a bogey part91; got it sorted though! (Funny thing is, if there are even 6/7 good blocks in a file, they usually don't post it at all, meaning you often can't reconstruct with the PARs and have to look for missing files elsewhere!)


Anyhow, just wondering what people are using to burn ANH seeing as it's not an ISO? Just Nero?


Just settling down to watch AHN having successfully grabbed it without need for Pars / repair off Astraweb and burnt to a BD50.  Pnag; just use Imgburn and burn files to disc...that's what I did. 

Right-oh, stormtropers just about to blast through the door so I'm going to bother my neighbours with my suround sound!!!

WG - looking very, very nice indeed!!  Again, thanks for all you've done on these.