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Wookie Groomer
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Wookiegroomers 1080p Star Wars Saga
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24-Aug-2009, 11:47 AM

The files on the group are called FazZFazZFazZFazZ I thought it would be obvious.

The DTS track is toast. I would have to start from scratch and strip all the audio assets from several different sources and remix it again just to make up for those few minutes missing from that shit failed BD burn and then in turn could result in a different sync issues or some other new problem. I don't have the original project files anymore so working the project wil be difficult and tedious.

My work here is finished. What's out there is the last of the pojects I'll be sharing but I'm confident the final 3 are fine. For what small flaws they may have they are still far and away the best of what's currently available and unlike anything that's available.

For anyone finding this post in the future I have posted a rar file to the newsgroups Aug 24, 2009 called "Wookie Groomer Star Wars Trilogy NZB Archive.rar" it contains the 3 nzb files needed to grab the correct final versions without any confusion. Also posted are the raw nzb files ready to drag and drop:





Most quality newshosts have a file retention of nearly a year or even longer.