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Worst Edit Ideas
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21-Aug-2009, 7:50 AM

worst edit ideas?

Gl's final Blu-ray version includes changes to the OT to match the PT:-

In Mos Eisley, as they approach the cantina, 3PO steps in some Ronto poo
All the stormtroopers are re-dubbed with Morrison's voice
Mark Hamill is hired to provide new dialogue that turns Luke into the Ric Olie of the OT. Eg.
    "Oh look. Stormtroopers. And it looks like they are going to stop us"
    "Oh look. Obi-wan has cut his arm off"
    "Oh look. It's yavin 4. This is the secret base of the rebel alliance"
    "Oh look. There's leia. And it looks like she is going to give us medals. Well maybe not you, Chewie"
An extended lightsabre fight with Obi-Wan and Vader replaced by CG so Obi-Wan can now do back-flips and they can both twirl their   lightsabres for 5 minutes without making contact.
Biggs is removed from the movie and replaced with jar jar and the deleted scenes at Anchorhead are restored with the new character.
      "Meesa gonna jump ship. meesa gonna join the rebel alliance, Luke".

The taun-Taun farts when it becomes nervous
The AT-At's are replaced with 40ft CG snowmen that throw snowballs at the rebels instead of firing lasers, to be more child friendly and also to coincide with the Hasbro cuddly Imperial snowman range of toys
Yoda become CG and floats around on his hovver-board instead of being carried on Luke's back
Chewie no longer strangles Lando but instead happy slaps him few times while filming it on his mobile to appeal to the youtube  audience

The rancor is removed and replaced by the CG monster from Cloverfield
All of jabbas court are replaced by Disney characters for the new tie-in range of toys
The Sarlaac beak is removed and replaced by a giant sphincter and now farts instead of burps and has giant haemorrhoids instead of tentacles
The Mon Calamari are replaced with gungans. Admiral Acbar now becomes Admiral Acbarbar
The ewoks no longer use weapons but instead tickle and hug the Imperials into submission
New Ewok characters added including Barbie ewok, Lego Ewok and Ewok Bratz to again coincide with a new range of merchandise
All communicators are replaced by the latest iPhone
As Luke is brought before the Emperor he walks over to Luke, pricks his finger and analyses his blood - " The force is strong with you, young skywalker. Your Midichlorian count is off the scale. Much like your fathers"
The ewok celebration is again changed. This time Ewoks, played by Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, perform a benefit concert.
Luke and leia begin to glow as millions of tiny creatures appear:- the midichlorians come to party
Sebastian Shaw's ghost is replaced by a creepy looking Hayden Christensen (please tell me this didn't actually happen and its just a bad nightmare i had)