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Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray (a joint venture project)
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10-Aug-2009, 4:25 PM
balsho said:

I know this place is "original trilogy", but how about leaving this version be.  Color correction will add picture noise unless you up the rate like WG did.  And to even do CC the way it should you need a professional setup, not just whole scene altering.  2 BD50s is a neat idea, but I'm for upping the bitrate of each slightly so they'll each fill a BD25.  This way there's piece of mind in them being as good as the originals.  No need for changes, menus, extra audio, just a nice simply showcase of them with the best picture quality.


This would certainly get my vote! I'd say leave them alone but go for best achievable picture quality & a movie per BD25. I agree that there is no need for menus, changes and additional audio. Whilst I can't provide technical expertiese, I will gladly burn BD's for folk.