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Is George Lucas in the media much anymore?
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20-Jul-2009, 1:53 AM
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20-Jul-2009, 1:55 AM
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C3PX said:
vbangle said:
Janskeet said:

 It seems like these days, the more he talks, the stupider he sounds.

lmao. Yes he is "stupider".



Oh wow, that is really hilarious. See that? Vbangle was astute enough to point out to us all that Janskeet totally screwed up his grammar by using "stupider" rather than "more stupid". Very funny Vbangle. Guys who correct other people online CRACK me up EVERY TIME!!! I can't stop laughing my guts out! HAHA! Good show my friend, good show! Hehe... heh.

Phew! Now that I have finally caught my breath, I have one for you. You're going to live this! It is very funny. Wait for it, wait for it... okay, here goes... "stupider" and "more stupid" are both acceptable forms! ZING! 

Oh, too bad I just missed this before vbangle ignored me. I'm guessing vbangle will still read all of my posts anyways. So vbangle, if you're reading this, that image you private messaged me was reported to Jay and Moth3r! I hope you... "resisting adjective and verb..." get banned!