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Is George Lucas in the media much anymore?
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3-Jul-2009, 9:19 PM
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3-Jul-2009, 9:26 PM
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What is terribly ironic is He just recently received the Gene Siskel Film Visionary Award.

Although Siskel was not around to say how awful the prequels Episode II and III were and give them thumbs down.

He was also recently interviewed by the Director of Iron Man.

He is in the media lately talking about that tuskegee airmen movie, and a possible indiana jones V he talked about last year.

Promoting Clone Wars animated and gearing up for the live action show.

Lucas is incredibly busy producing stuff and no way near being retired.

Second Season of Clone Wars coming soon.  He has to approve the general designs and story outlines and scripts on the show.  and i would venture to say he is heavily involved, since his daughter is a writer on the show and star wars is his baby too,lol.

Does anyone have good reasons why he should not have imput?

I mean the dude created star wars and it is his anyway, despite the prequels being half the movies the originals were i still enjoy them embarrisngly enough as well as indiana jones IV.  And i have to block out the bad cringeworthy acting, and dialogue to enjoy them.  Which is incredibly irritating.