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Dracula (1992)
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1-Jul-2009, 9:50 PM
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Brought to you by none other than the great Coppola. Guys, once I came back and I was Trek. Now I'm back and I'm Drac. No.

This film receives flames for deviating from the horror of the novel and turning the relationship of Dracula and Mina from that of a master and slave to star-crossed lovers. Well, there's no denying that liberties were taken with this film, but to me it remains a true Dracula piece for all of the right reasons. There is a mysticism about the whole thing, and a nostalgic quality that's the result of paying constant homage to old horror films. "Dracula" stands apart from other films. At times, it is deliberately tacky. Miraculously, none of the romanticism, style, and elegance are compromised because of that. It is both an over-the-top mess while being a film you can take seriously. It's one of a kind.

Interesting fact: It was George Lucas who suggested to Coppola that Dracula be decapitated at the end of the film so he "can't return." That's actually a good idea. Cool, Lucas.


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