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Darth Piccolo
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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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1-Jun-2009, 1:37 PM
brash_stryker said:

Cool pic, but I don't think "Vader" has any place in the PT. Dark Anakin (who it is assumed, dies) yes, but no Vader.

Or at least no Anakin as Vader. If we could integrate glimpses of Vader, without making it obvious it's a cyborg Anakin, but a completely different entity (which would make obi blaming Anakin's death on him in New Hope that much more feasible) this could tie up the PT and OT nicely.


EDIT: Actually, thinking about it, that still wouldn't make sense with Obi's "who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil"



i actually had this idea


one thing i think that should be done in the context of all six movie is to omit vader being obiwan's pupil.

episode 3 revisited should have vader's name be omited from the entire film, have anakin "die" (infact when they show his arm crawling up,, it should be engulfed in flames) and not have the scene of vader being built or seen in the star destroyer bridge.

in episode 4, obiwan's line of vader killing luke's should be tweaked

Obiwan " a "sith" named darth vader who helped the empire hunt down and destroy the jedi knights betrayed and murdered you the jedi are all but extinct..."

another place the dialog should be tweaked is in the death star scene with vader

vader "he is here"

tarkin "obiwan can you be sure"

vader "a tremor in the force"

Tarkin "surely he must be dead by now the jedi are extinct (something) gone in the galaxy you my friend are all that's left of their religion"

and finally in the fight between vader and obiwan

vader "...the circle is now complete, when i left, i was but a learner now i am the master"


this idea is just a way to make first time viewers who would watch the movie in chronological order believe that anakin and vader are 2 different character and so, he suspense remains till esb when the viewer finally learns that vader and anakin had been the same character all along."