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Goodbye Prequels FOREVER
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23-May-2009, 11:55 PM
C3PX said:

A lot of people talked about doing things like this (mailing them to Skywalker Ranch) when the GOUT first came out. Did anyone ever actually do it?

I actually did.  I bought two GOUT boxsets (one for me and one for my little brother as a Christmas gift).  Both times I mailed the SE discs back to Lucasfilm in a paper sleeve, politely saying that I had no interest whatsoever in any special edition and thanked them for releasing the original trilogy on DVD in some form.  I also stated that I looked forward to a future restored anamorphic release of the original trilogy and that apart from that, no other Lucasfilm release would appeal to me.

Won't make a damn bit of difference but it was cathartic.