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1997 Special Edition VCDs-on-DVD COMPLETISTS/COLLECTORS ONLY (Released)
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21-May-2009, 4:41 AM

The 1997 SEs were released on VCD in Singapore and Malaysia in 2000.
This was the first (official) digital release of Star Wars I believe.

I decided to backup my VCDs by putting them on DVD.

This way you get all three movies on one disc in crappy quality!

The original VCDs were ripped with vcdgear and the mpegs were plopped into dvdlab to create a rudimentary DVD. The 44.1kHz MP2 audio was recoded to 48kHz AC3 to be DVD compliant. Video is the untouched MPEG1 - PAL & fullscreen/pan&scan.

Only completists/collectors would be interested in this, but if you already have the CED, bootleg telecine etc. etc. you might also want this…

Should be in a.b.sw in a few hours. (Will not appear anywhere else, sorry.)