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If you could interview George Lucas, what would you say?
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6-May-2009, 10:51 AM
Janskeet said:

After getting all the common courtesy mumbo jumbo out of the way, I would ask him why did he allowed the '04 DVD set out without quality control. I would ask him if he even watched the master copy before they were printed. I will also ask him if he even rewatched the OT before making the prequels. I would ask him, why did he cast Hayden as Anakin and why did he just paste his head on top of Sebastian Shaw in ROTJ, and so on...


 bullseye. those are questions that SHOULD HAVE BEEN ASKED BACK IN 2004.

I would also ask him about his hypocritical "National Heratage" statement in regards to cvolorizing black and white films.

I would also ask him,

"are you aware that if you pulled stuff like this if you were someone else's employee, not only would you have been fired long ago, but you also would likely be barred from ever doing this kind of work again?"


"how do you think Sebastian Shaw's family feels about one of his most famous rolls being replaced with bad , evil looking stock footage of someone who was only two years old when the movie came out?"