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THE OT SOUNDTRACKS SALVAGE - **SW**ESB**ROTJ** -"remastered"(so far)+ LP's
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3-May-2009, 9:33 AM

It took a while but I've finally given each disc a solid listen.  I pretty much have to agree with everyone else in the thread.  These remasters are simply excellent.  They've re-ignited my passion for these soundtracks I haven't had in years.  The overall depth and staging in many of the cues has been greatly increased and sounds much more lively.  Highs and lows are very well balanced.  Tape noise and hiss (ANH particularily) are hardly intrusive and add a natural warmness to the recordings, never sounding too processed and sharp like later editions.  I also love being able to hear a chair shuffle ever so softly during the very low key parts because it adds a very "front row" feel.  ESB has always been my favorite and The Battle In The Snow one of my favorite actions cues of all time.  It just sounds a lot more alive now with a wider, deeper sound (and none of the hiss I remember from the SE versions) that couldn't be any closer to sitting in the room.

I didn't do much in the way of comparative listening between the versions I have (or had, since these pretty much are my standard now).  Like I said, my re-awakening to these soundtracks might be altering how different they seem to sound to my ears but if these versions can make me feel like I used to when I first starting listening to them, then that's the best I can say about them.