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"Fanboys" and "Star Wait" (fan made Star Wars movies)
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30-Apr-2009, 5:20 PM
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30-Apr-2009, 5:53 PM
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No, it is missing too much footage, and it is in serious need of dubbing. I'd love to read a full script of it though, I felt it was, for the most part, relatively well written.

I found the trailer for it on youtube, and it is funny how much flaming there is from people complaining about the premise of the film. "fuck you guys George Lucas is a Hero!! best guy in hollywood! you self go DIE!!" - actual youtube comment by eidos90. Ah, youtube! Breeding ground for intellectual thought, freedom of speech, and aspiring young future high school drop outs...

Anyway, I flipped through the commentary track on the thing, an lucked out hitting on a spot where the director explains his logic being leaving in shots of the clapperboard, film crew, gaffed lines, and retakes. His idea was that each of the characters are essentially all trying to be the hero of their own film (trying to find themselves and their path in life, like we all do around that age), and that he left these bits in there as part of the story telling process.

Sure, giving that explaination makes it sound all artsy and what not. But it would be like a guy writing a book and leaving in all or most of his grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, and explaining it away as being part of the story telling process, representing the fact that the hero of the story is a flawed individual. Interesting idea, but regardless of intent, it comes off as the lousiest excuse since the classic, "My dog ate my homework".

Anyway, thanks None for pointing this little flick out to me. It is a fascinating little piece.