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An oblate sphere of purple fire.
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13-Apr-2009, 3:33 AM
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Funny enough Stover had Mace right before he was zapped out the window in palpatines office notice too late that Anakin was Palpatines Shatterpoint. 

Which ultimetely is prophetic because luke re- awakens the jedi  Anakin in vader long enough for him to destroy palpatine.  Therefore he was the chosen one who brought balance to the force by doing away with the sith.

Fan debate still rages who really was the chosen one Anakin or Luke.  It could be neither if the EU is taken into account because a hundred and something years after the return of the jedi the sith return.

Maybe the other, Leia was the chosen one,lol.

Maybe the jedi's legacy rest with Cade Skywalker.

Me the EU is just not canon with the films, though most of it is a damn site better than those prequels. Even the bad superweapons of the week, clone emporers,lol.