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An oblate sphere of purple fire.
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12-Apr-2009, 3:47 AM
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I don't know, I think the Clone Wars Anakin is pretty limited. He comes off too much like a bland Joe Shmoe. He's better than Hayden Anakin, but that's about it. The only real Anakin as far as I'm concerned is Sebastian Shaw's.

As for Mace Windu's Vapaad, I can't stand how the EU builds up Mace Windu into this bloody god figure. Oh he's got a special lightsaber style that's better than anybody else's and allows him to use his anger without going dark, and hardly anybody else can master it and those who try go dark. Isn't he so fucking wonderful and cool. And he has this shatterpoints ability to see weak points or something. And he was on the council at 28. And he's the bestest lightsaber fighter in the galaxy. And isn't he so cool. And he has a purple lighsaber because he's just the coolest. It's nauseating. Onscreen he was totally flat because Samuel L Jackson (who's actually a great actor) was totally miscast.

Anyway, prequels Annie is dumb, too dumb to know what "oblate" means.