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An oblate sphere of purple fire.
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In defense of Matthew Stover's ROTSs novelization, it is the only form I care to experience that story in. Far better than the film. I don't even remember that line from the book, so it clearly didn't have a big impact on me or bother me that much. I like Stover's Anakin far, far, better than Hayden's Anakin. I don't have a problem with trying to keep up with all the different Anakin personalities, I don't care about the movie, and I don;t care about CW, so Stover's Anakin is really the only Anakin I give a hoot about.


For anyone who hasn't read the ROTS novel yet but plans on it, do yourself a favor and mentally purge your mind of everything you know about the prequels before doing so. Imagine Anakin as someone other than Hayden (like Christian Bale for example), and you may actually find yourself enjoying the story for once. Far from flawless, but as good as ROTS is going to get IMHO, especially if you distance what you are reading from what you have seen on film in every way possible.