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An oblate sphere of purple fire.
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11-Apr-2009, 6:24 PM
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11-Apr-2009, 6:31 PM
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I was reading Wookieepedia as I often do. Yesterday I thought I'd better familiarize myself with the different forms of lightsaber combat, and ran across Mace's Vapaad form. In the description, it quotes Anakin from the ROTS novelization as having described Mace's combat form as "an oblate sphere of purple fire."

This is a problem with the EU that last evening finally had me doing a facepalm right there at the keyboard after I had read that quote.

Writers are always having characters say things that I cannot imagine them believably saying. I cannot imagine Film Anakin describing Mace's combat form as "an oblate sphere of purple fire."

It's like there's three Anakins here: Film Anakin, EU Anakin, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars Anakin. Somehow we're supposed to accept they're the same character, but they're way too different to be interchangable. It's annoying.

You may say it's similar to Batman, in that different writers have different visions of what a character needs to be. Well, I don't see that being an adequate reason. Unless it's an Infinities story or something, these characters are meant to at least believably reflect what we see in the films.

What an oblate sphere of purple fire this is.