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So what exactly are you a fan of?
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DarkFather said:

You know what? I'm going to go ahead and start stating my reasons for disliking ROTJ. This is me warming up, so rest assured I've hardly even started.

Lucas says the reason he didn't use Wookiees in ROTJ is that he wanted a technologically inferior race. That makes little sense to me. Why couldn't Chewbacca be one of the few of his race that wandered off to learn the mainstream customs? Some might argue that the race on Endor wasn't intended to have the capacity to do such, because Lucas wanted not only a technologically inferior race, but a genetically inferior race (?) which would all be speculation, and ultimately false, since we see that the Ewoks in the film are more than capable of constructing sturdy homes, weapons, traps, and at least Wicket seemed to show the potential of being a skilled speeder driver when taking into account when he hopped onto that speeder it was most definitely his first time being on one.

So what we do have is a technologically inferior race with the potential to be more. So... there goes the whole "official" reason for not having Wookiees instead of teddy bears.

I think Lucas saw that what Kershner and team had done with ESB was make it into something that more leaned toward adults. In all of his "compotent" decision making, he decided it to have the other way around... for the CLIMAX OF A GALACTIC WAR. We see one dead Ewok. The implication of more being dead is highly debatable. None of the heroes die or suffer any great loss or sacrifice. And don't try saying the death of Anakin makes up for all of that... he gets to return of a Force Ghost, which undermines the fact that when you are dead, you are dead. There is no true loss there. Also remember that he was hardly a sympathetic character until you know, the last few minutes of the film. So even if he didn't return as a Force Ghost, only an ultra-emotionally-sensitive viewer would feel any sense of "loss" at the death.


I had a feeling you were going to bitch about the ewoks. I don't see what the big deal was. Star Wars was not about realistic wars. If you want to go see an acurate portral of what war is like, go see Black Hawk Down or other movies like that. I will agree that Lucas should've given the battle of endore more credibility, but that was not the focus of the movie. Everybody whines that he should've used wookies,. but I think wookies would've been too intelligent of a race for the empire to ignore. The point of Star Wars is not to nitpick the logic of the movie. Star Wars is meant to be in its own world. I thought ROTJ was within reasonable boundaries of the Star Wars world.  Now he prequels, that's a different story.