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So what exactly are you a fan of?
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"moral wisey wisey nicey nicey"

o_O ..... Moral? He was a disgruntled idealist. He was definitely one of the grayer Jedi. Wise? Somewhat. Nice? Partly, but I wouldn't say overall.

He blatantly cheated in the dice game with Watto. A goody-goody would've accepted fair play all around.

Qui-Gon was like the only one who reflected what the audience thought of Jar-Jar ("the ability to speak does not make you intelligent") and kept him in line (catching his tongue at the dinner table). A goody-goody would've probably smiled and played along with the antics, or acted like Jar-Jar was just like everyone else.

He cut off one of Obi-Wan's comradey joke to him about Anakin ("another pathetic life form") A goody-goody would've said something like "I think you'll see that he's a great kid once you get to know him!"

He was more than willing to draw lines with the queen ("no more orders from your highness today") A goody-goody would've said "Okay" right off the bat.

The only thing close to a "goody goody" in the PT was Lloyd's Anakin.