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obi-wan trentobi
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It's official! the 2004 OT DVD release will be the Special Editions :(
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25-Feb-2004, 5:19 PM

Originally posted by: JangoxFett
Fyi.. Check this site about some changes will be happening with the SE Trilogy! BBspot

Quote "Mesa!! No Belive it TRUE!" Mesa Going to Meet Luke, Leia and Han!

For some this will be a "Nightmare"!!

They Quoted Jar Jar as "most popular character in star wars." What? Were they Reading?? I remember out of 100% of the overall fans 90% Hated Jar Jar. IMHO The Most Popular Character was Boba Fett and then Vader.

oh well.

I'd like you to know that your credibility with me is 100% shot and has no chance of ever being repaired.

- Trentobi