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Info: The Star Wars Fan Edit Great Debate Thread.
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2-Apr-2009, 2:13 PM
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2-Apr-2009, 2:14 PM
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BingoWings said: "I think it's important to remind everyone about the topic title.

vaderios has effectively showed us that at the very least TPM need a colour fix but this thread is really about ideas that may radically alter the prequels.

It's a spring board for editors who want to take the existing material and really shake it up, rather than just nibble at the edges.

Already there seems to be some moves in that direction with some new edits but I don't want us to lose focus on the mission statement.

Some of the colour changes are radical (when they set a very different mood) but the case for a clean up has been made here now."

Is this really necessary?  I for one was enjoying the screenshots Vaderios was posting.  It was an inspiration to me.  So why cut it off at the head?  What was it hurting?  It was generating excitement over what was possible with mere color correction of the Prequels. 

That's just one example of many.  We also have him trying to police the board with this very thread.  But, BingoWings is not on trial here and I'm not the prosecution.  I simply wanted to bring his attention to it, because others might be offended and not speak up.  I'm not like that.

And no, not trying to "come out of the woodwork" to poison the forum here either.  That's laughable.  My reputation and history of participation here speaks for itself.