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Help Wanted: Original Scores - Resquest for the RSO SW & ESB 2-LP VYNIL SETS audio form for remastering work (completed in March 2009)
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22-Mar-2009, 3:18 PM

Just a note on remastering in general, one has to make 100% sure that it is a positive change, not just 'a change'.

If - for example - your headphones are quite cheap and emphasise the treble, one can put too much bass into a remaster, and it will sound GREAT on those headphones, but on a better 'flat' system it will sound awful.

I made sure on these LP transfers that I used the best gear I could afford (sometime write reviews for Hi-Fi magazines and/or internet so know a bit), and a decent pair of headphones for monitoring (Audio Technica ATH-AD700), and transferred them with no EQ at all. Just a little manual click/pop removal on the worst spots on the LP. It's always a good idea to try your work on several different systems too to make sure it sounds good every time. Hope some of this helps ;)