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For Sale & Help: Star Wars Original Trilogy not SE on ebay 3388567496
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24-Feb-2004, 8:27 AM
Thanks anyway guys. Luckily some other fans outbid me BIG TIME. Eventually the set went for 48 bucks!!!

It's all academic really..I mean how much do you think we have all spent on Star Wars items and memorabilia. I consider myself pretty restrained but I've got the films and soundtracks in umpteen different versions, even the questionable Holiday Special, figures, ships, books, light sabres there's always going to be some Star Wars related "must have" out there

A friend of mine did a really nice rip of ANH with some great animated scene selections - the only downside was that he was using vhs as the master so though the quality was good it obviously couldn't match a digital orginal. The point is and I guess it's the whole point of this site is that the film seemed "warmer" than the SE version. Perhaps it's a psychological thing about seeing the movie pretty much how I first saw it without all that fussy detail...hmm I think I'l stop before I go on too much!