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Info Wanted: What Ever Happened To PAY IT FORWARD?
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24-Feb-2009, 6:56 AM
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27-Feb-2009, 3:09 AM
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Troy said:

Can someone please explain to me whatever happened to the PIF policy on the forum?

The forum never had a PIF policy. Some fan editors chose to initially distribute their projects using this method, that's all.

I have offered to supply discs, postage or anything they need...

That is not PIF.

If I am neither a high ranking member nor have a stockpile of other edits then I’m left with nothing.

And - it's a harsh fact, I know - but that is precisely what you are owed. The ability to read a forum on the internet and send private messages does not automatically entitle you to a copy of the latest fan edit. I'm not getting at you in particular, but I'm tired of receiving PMs from people expecting me to "help them out".

Why are some people selfish and/or greedy?

Why do some people make whiny posts when they don't get what they want?