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23-Feb-2009, 5:33 PM

Anyway, the camera arrived today. the 25p suffers the same problem as the NTSC 24p setting. Although it isn't really jerky the picture does tend to blur quite badly in any fast motion. There are a hell of a lot of settings on this baby to learn. The image stabilisation is amazing and so much better than i have ever seen on any other camcorder. The picture quality is astounding. I don't know why all the reviews said that its crap in low light conditions and its way too noisy. i just adjusted a few settings and i get no problem whatsoever and i can even film in almost pitch blackness and it still focuses perfectly.

thanks guys. Now i need to start all the model building



Try playing around with raising the shutter speed on the camera, the faster the shutter, the less motion blur, although you'll need to find a nice balance between the extra light you'll need for the exposure and avoiding the "stobe" effect ala saving private ryan