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What Ever Happened To PAY IT FORWARD?
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21-Feb-2009, 5:17 PM
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21-Feb-2009, 5:19 PM
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I didn't print the covers because people asked me to, I did it to be nice and to give the fan edits I sent out a bit more legitimacy.  The only reason I got complaints was because I promised in my forum post that told people to PM me about PIF's that I would send out copies with covers.

I don't appreciate you saying I was "had big time" when you don't know me or the story behind that.  It makes me look like an idiot and a jackass.  Don't do it again.

And if you have limited 'net access, how the hell could you burn the DVDs yourself if someone sent you a blank disc?  That makes no sense!  If you want a copy, but can't dowload it, how could you burn a copy onto a blank disc someone sent you?  Why would you even need someone to send a blank disc to you in the first place?  Buy one!

Besides, I've never seen a PIF request from you anywhere.  Where did you post them?