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22-Feb-2004, 7:23 PM

Originally posted by: Rebel Scumb
Actually I felt one of the biggest problems with AotC was that GL tried to hard to make for the fans. In the end thats how I look at the PT, its fanfiction that happens to be written by GL. TPM was a flawed movie, but it was an honest mistake and I felt like I was getting GL's vision, miscaluclated as it may hve been in spots.

AotC just felt like an apology for TPM. It seemed like a laundry list of fanboy complaints being addressed. And Ep3 will be the same way. Why else do you think that Chewbacca is it, or that Yoda now has two big fights (given that the yoda battle was the one thing most people liked in AOTC) the fact that the emperor will have one maybe two saber duels.

Grievous is the ultimate example of this because he seems like a character that fanboys would dream up. "He's like Vader, but like beter then Vader"
"Yeah because he looks like the terminator, but he wears a cape"
"Yeah cause capes are cool"
"Yeah and he's tougher then darth maul, cause he uses like four sabers at once"
"Dude thats awesome"

Will the character work onscreen? I'll reserve final judgement until I see the movie, but it certainly seems like he could be the weaklink of this movie. He's a new villian who's pretty pointless and dies quickly, who ultimately stealing screentime that should of been given to Dooku, thus rendering him a villian who was pretty pointless and dies quickly.

I said this exact thing after I left the theater when AOTC came out. I think it's cool that he does actually listen to fans, despite what he says. He obviously hears feedback from at least some people in his completely isolated Skywalker Ranch.

But I think he's just got the wrong idea of what people want. If you have a kickass story, with adequate dialogue, likeable characters, and you direct the hell out of it, people are going to love the movie. Instead he fixed things like lessening Jar Jar's screentime, no more poop/fart jokes, made it a lot darker than TPM, made it more adult, etc.. etc.. While these things are fine and good, they aren't central to how much a movie will be liked.