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In the original treatment for Revenge Of The Jedi there were TWO Death Stars being built as seen in this production painting :

two Death Stars

It might also be a fun addition to an alternative version to have Jejerrod being presurred into completing one Death Star (the one the Rebels know about) but the Emperor overseeing the construction of a different Death Star.

The audience is lead to expect that they are the same Death Star until Luke notices when looking out of the window as the station moves that the battlestation he is now on is not the one that the battle is taking place near.

Moving the line "you have paid the price for your lack of vision" so it takes place before "the Alliance will die"  would add a heck of a punch to Luke's near flip to the dark side.

It would also add weight to the Emperor's line "We are quite safe from your friends here".

This one is mobile and is moved into the battle once the Rebels are pinned in between the other Death Star and the fleet.

The Emperor orders Jejerrod to fire from his Death Star while the other moves in and fires into the battle from the other side.

"There are too many of them!" can now be replaced with a line from TPM "Now there are two of them!" .

Because Lando has moved the Rebel fleet close to the Imperial one almost as many Imperial ships are being destroyed by the Death Stars as Rebel ships because the gunners can't pick a target.

Piett finally has had enough of Sith Lords and orders an attack on the second Death Star and rams into the uncomplete section (after the Emperor has been killed) so now the Executor goes down for a very good reason (saving the Admiral's fleet) and peace between the Imperials and the Rebels is more believable because during the battle they both end up fighting on for their lives against a common enemy.

Jejerrod seeing the end is up tries to turn his Death Star onto the forest moon, wiping out both the Rebels and the mutineers but the Rebels destroy the reactor before this can be accomplished.

These changes are a bit out there but they would make the film much more different than just a rehash of ANH and a bit closer to what Jedi originally was going to be.