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Okay, what did we LIKE about the Special Editions?
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22-Feb-2004, 6:42 AM

Originally posted by: HotRod
And, how can anyone who claims to love Star Wars not own the 1 & 2 on DVD?!!!!!!!!!!

And also, not want to own the SE on DVD.
I watched ANH this morning in bed, much to the annoyance of the girlfriend, to find that VHS is shit.
Bad quality, bad sound, bad all round really.
I couldn't give a flying fuck if the SE are the only versions to be released.
I just can't wait to have the DVD, just for the picture and sound alone!!!

You lot are mad I'm tellin' ya!!! MAD!!!!!!!!!

Even if I don't relate or understand, a lot of people don't like Episodes 1 and 2, thus not buying them on DVD is the smart choice for them to make.

Me, I can't wait for Sept. 21st to come around! SE or not, I'm going to geek out about this all day. Seriously, I'm going to skip work and everything to do this, woo hoo!

- Trentobi