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Help Wanted: Star Wars / Empire Strikes Back - 24-bit LP preservation - request for help
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12-Feb-2009, 9:44 AM

Thanks for those links Mike, but I've used LPEX and it's a bit hit or miss to say the least. I've also puchased audio dvd creator, but this can be a bit flakey too in operation. Why the bods who decide these things decided to create 'DVD Audio' discs, in ADDITION to 'DVD Video, audio tracks' is beyond me, when EVERYONE has access to 24/96 files from any DVD player using the standard DVD-Video audio track... madness Lol!

Anyways I'd like someone to make it all look professional with an appropriate picture for each track. I would look into doing this myself but am at home suffering from M.E. and the simplest tasks often seem dauting at the moment unfortunately :(

The files are all there and ready to go, I just need some DVD whiz who fancies the challange ;)


- John