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Possible changes to the SE in the UE
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21-Feb-2004, 11:34 PM
First let me say that I don't endorse Lucas' desire to continuosly tinker with the trilogy, but here are my guesses as to the possible changes he is likely to introduce in the ultimate editions, based on my own guesses and some info I heard.


*New shot of escape pod landing on Tatooine, and R2 and 3PO
*Overhead shot of Tusken raiders riding CG Banthas
*Gonk deleted, replaced by a pit droid.
*New CG droids added in the Jawa sale & in sandcrawler-
*Fully CG Greedo (head portion)
*New CG aliens in the cantina some familiar pod
racers, dugs.
*Deleted scene of Luke selling his landspeeder added,
to an alien.
*Better CG Jabba similar to TPM
*CG lights and panels added to Falcon interior
*Stormtroopers have colored markings for captain, commander, etc.
*New shot of droid fixing homing beacon on Falcon
*New shot of exterior of Massasi temple
*Rebel briefing has new CG 3D graphic display of
*New shot of Vader's tie and two others leaving to join
the battle
*Imperial March added in soundtrack
*All lightsabers replaced by CG lightsabers


*CG Taun-tauns
*Deleted scenes inside Echo base restored
*New scene of Imperial troop transports landing on Hoth,
walkers and legions of snowtroopers emerging
*New shot of Vader's shuttle landing on Hoth
*A few CG Walkers added in Hoth battle
*extended Hoth battle scenes
*Ian McDiarmid as Emperor in ESB
*CG Dagobah swamp creature
*CG Yoda
*New shot of Luke's X-wing landing on Bespin
*All lightsabers replaced by CG lightsabers


*New shot of exterior of Jabba's palace with droids approaching
*CG aliens and dugs added in Jabbas palace
*Han unfreezing redone digitally
*CG Rancor
*End celebration scene includes Naboo,
and a few other prequel worlds
*All lightsabers replaced by CG lightsabers