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Daredevil 2
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21-Feb-2004, 4:20 PM
I think Michael Clarke Duncan- besides making a good intimidating presence- is a hell of an actor and did pretty good as the Kingpin, considering that for the movie it was conceived as a pretty two dimensional character.

That being said, Ben Affleck needs to stop ruining movies right fucking now. I'm sick of his big chin and that stupid ass head shaking thing he does when he walks. He looks like that old McDonald's commercial Mac Tonight with the singing moon- his chin is worse than Jay Leno's. And the more money he makes the bigger his chin gets. It's true, look at his early movies and his chin is big, but look at his most recent ones and you can see that it's getting bigger. Must be like Pinocchio when he lies his chin gets bigger.

I don't really like Affleck.