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obi-wan trentobi
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It's official! the 2004 OT DVD release will be the Special Editions :(
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20-Feb-2004, 7:23 PM

Originally posted by: -LD
you people are missing the's not stopping people from buying because most would tell you to piss off...the point is making a big enough stink so that Lucas and Foxget enough bad press that they have to respond

Lucas could give two sh!ts about the popular opinion of his fanbase. 20th Century Fox, on the other hand, is a company and like any company, they depend on sales to stay alive. If they see a chance at making more money (ie, releasing the Original Trilogy as a boxed set of some sort) and have paid attention to the amount of people who have signed the petition, they'd be fools to not do everything in their power to bend Lucas to their will. And it's within their power to do, they've done so before. Fox just needs to be shown, told and (if necessary) FORCED to see the gold mine that the Original Trilogy is. People will buy it because it's Star Wars, we'll buy it because we're getting back the versions from when we were younger. Releasing the Original Trilogy can only be a good thing and Fox need to be educated on this. Forget about what Jim Ward says, he's a puppet who's just following his master's orders. He's not a real decision maker. I guarandamntee you that if Lucas decided to release the Original Trilogy tomorrow, Ward would be backpedaling on his previous "this is Lucas's true vision" statements so fast it would make all our heads spin.

- Trentobi